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We're three girls from Sweden who love One Direction. On this blog we'll post our fanfictions about them. We hope you'll like them, feel free to comment on them!

Mikaela, Lou & Nea

Anonymous asked: What is a fandom?


Imagine that girl in elementary school that never stopped talking about horses in a class with 1700 other girls who are obsessed with horses in a class about horses


imagine their wedding and Harry kisses Louis before the overseer says to, and he giggles and says “oops” and Louis grabs his face in his hands, his eyes crinkling fondly and he says “hi” and then they just lean their foreheads together until someone clears their throat, and Louis kisses Harry again and says “yeah, ok, let’s continue then”

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Anonymous asked: god I hope I'm as proud of my kids as I am of One Direction